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Don't let potential revenue slip away. With our proven strategies, we can help you recoup that 30% loss. Increase patient volume, budget for supplies and equipment, and leave the staffing and support to us.

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Maximize your practice's profitability with CSS. We'll help you recapture that elusive 30% revenue loss and propel your growth. From RDAs to supplies, equipment, and on-site support, we have you covered. Our specialists ensure seamless patient continuity while expanding your services.

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Full-Service Specialty Solutions

Our specialists are highly experienced, trained, and dedicated to continually providing state-of-the-art clinical care for your solo or DSO practice.

Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, IV Sedation, Extractions, Implants


Most Children and Teenagers can clinically benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment


Implants, Periodontal disease and maintenance, Grafting, Crown Lengthening


Root canal Treatment, Apicoectomy, Retreatments

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